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Scott Bradley

(304) 278-4731

Scott & Katina Bradley

Scott and Tina share four great loves. Each other, family, travel and baseball. Becoming Travel Agents has allowed them to bring these things together and share them with others. Recent vacations include, Disney World, the islands of Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai, a week in New York City, a 7 day cruise aboard The Allure of the Seas and countless mini trips and weekends throughout California and Arizona. They also spent a week in Orlando attending the Vacation.com Conference and Trade Show, keeping up do date with the current travel happenings around the globe and networking with  suppliers to continue to bring you the best deals and perks possible! They spent an exhausting weekend in Minneapolis, cramming 12 classes and two keynote speakers into 2 days to further their travel education and schmooze with more suppliers. October and November brings more education, more networking and a pleasure cruise. Katina and Scott are serious about what they do and have decided to see what Carnival is all about. They will be inspecting more ships, visiting an alligator park, and checking out other things that may interest their clients. .

When they are not gallivanting around the world there is a good chance they can be found sitting in the stands at the Oakland Coliseum rooting on their favorite team, the Oakland A’s.

It may seem like they are busy (they are) but they are never too busy for you! Ever! That is one of the things they love most about the travel industry. They are here to help, any time, anywhere. Give them a call or fill out the contact form on the home page and let them start planning your next vacation.