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Travel changes people.  It forces people to grow.  It brings people together.

For Katina and Scott of Wish You Were Here Vacations, travel isn’t just a job or even a career, it’s their passion. While technology has allowed us a peek into other cultures and glimpses into the sights of other countries, actual travel allows our horizons to be broadened, provides us the opportunity to meet new people, experience new cultures, try new foods, see things we can’t see in our own back yard. Travel forces us out of our comfort zones. Travel can be beautiful, but it can also be ugly and messy. It’s how you respond to your travel experiences that can transform you from a tourist or a vacationer to an ambassador, a diplomat, a change maker. When stepping out into this big, beautiful world, don’t do so on your own. When you use Wish You Were Here Vacations, you have an advocate. Someone on the inside helping you every step of the way. Someone on your side to help navigate those occasional messy moments that weather or other unforeseen events bring about.

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